BrunchCon 2017 was an incredible event! We had a few mimosas, some bloody mary’s, a little spiked orange juice and a ton of fun!   Check out some of the photo strips from the event!

Mangalitsa Showcase @ Cannibal NYC

Simply the tastiest event we’ve done to date. There seems to be no end to how these talented chefs can cook up Mangalitsa’s incredible pork! From the pork belly and beans to the sausages and even churros, we had a ball capturing this event for Mangalitsa!

Berkeley LeadHERship Brunch

These ladies know how to lead! Part of the perks of having a consistent client like Berkeley College is the incredible and inspiring people we get to meet through their events. We can’t wait for the next Berkeley event!


We are Yodog Media, so being at CatCamp was a bit of a surprise – and it was a very good surprise! We were more open to the whole cat thing and met a ton of new people! Thanks CatCamp!