Backyard weddings are by far our most favorite kinds of events to shoot. Everything is always focused on the main event and it always goes just as planned! Congrats!

The Dolu Wedding

It’s not always about being the flashiest, and these two exemplified that very fact. With a beautifully executed backyard wedding these two brought love to life and kicked off a beautiful new chapter of their lives. Congrats and thanks for trusting us to capture your special day!

Kyle and Saki’s Wedding

Congratulations to this incredible couple! We never would’ve thought of the Bronx Zoo as the perfect wedding venue, but it was a blast. We were able to play around with some fun backgrounds to fit the wedding theme, and the guests had a great time with the Photo Booth.  “Start to finish, working with Ricky was an absolute joy. Right …

Katie’s Wedding

We all know it’s always her special day but in this case it was an incredible day for us too because this couple was just perfect. From the culture to the good vibes from these two, their family, and friends we just had a great time. Congrats guys, and thanks for letting us capture your wedding for you! See the …

Tom & Bonning’s Wedding

What do you get with a gold shimmer background and some awesome props? A great photo strip that’s what. For this wedding we went all out and made a 4×6 photo strip design with 4 photos that all came out really beautifully. Congrats Tom and Bonning, and thanks for letting us celebrate with you!