What is a GIF?

GIF Definition (via Urban Dictionary):

Graphics Interchange Format.

GIFs are image files that are compressed to reduce transfer time. The proper pronunciation of the acronym is a soft “g” sound: like JIF. As the creators of the format, Bob Berry & Steve Wilhite, said, “Choosy programmers choose GIF,” a play on the peanut butter slogan, “Choosy moms choose Jif.” GIFS can also use multiple images for animated effects (animated GIFs).
I’m using a GIF because it’s just faster to up/download.
Hey, the dancing Stewie animated GIF you put on your myspace is awesome.

GIFs Are Awesome

Although we often disagree on the pronunciation GIF, we can agree that Yodog Media’s customized animated GIFs are awesome! Below are a few samples from the GIF booth we ran at BrunchCon 2017!

We snapped 4 high-quality photos and the photo booth turned them into the animation! It’s a ton of fun for any event!

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