Narina’s Graduation Party

Never in the history of Yodog Media has there been a more welcoming client than this family. Everything top to bottom was an incredible experience for us and we’re beyond happy to be able to have served this family as they celebrated their daughter’s huge accomplishment of graduating law school. Thanks again guys and keep an eye out for your …

Berkeley College Arthritis Walk

Shooting with Berkeley College is always a good time for us. This time around the perks of the job were bright and sunny skies and some yummy empenadas from the empanada guy! Until next time Berkeley!

Katie’s Wedding

We all know it’s always her special day but in this case it was an incredible day for us too because this couple was just perfect. From the culture to the good vibes from these two, their family, and friends we just had a great time. Congrats guys, and thanks for letting us capture your wedding for you! See the …

JetLAG Promo @ The Footlight

We can’t say enough good things about our friends over at JetLAG Festival. Beyond being friends for years upon years, they organize one of the sickest multi-cultural, multi-genre music festivals on the planet. We’re so happy we’re able to help them bring together a few promotional pieces this year and we’re looking forward to June 23-25 for some incredible bands, …

Kisha’s Law School Grad Party

This girl is out there killing it with her education and goals in life. We’re proud to say we share the same Morristown roots! Congrats Kisha!