Kyle and Saki’s Wedding

Congratulations to this incredible couple! We never would’ve thought of the Bronx Zoo as the perfect wedding venue, but it was a blast. We were able to play around with some fun backgrounds to fit the wedding theme, and the guests had a great time with the Photo Booth.  “Start to finish, working with Ricky was an absolute joy. Right …

Super Pet Adoption NYC

Hundreds of animals from local shelters and rescues found a home at the Best Friends Super Adoption in NYC, and as you can see from the pictures, our Photo Booth was the perfect addition to the weekend. All the new pet owners had a great time getting their pictures taken with the newest furry additions to their families. And we …

Silverman Consulting

Jason is the literal man. We had such a great time hanging with his crew and learning an intense amount of business principles. Thanks for letting us cover your mastermind conference Jason!

Narina’s Graduation Party

Never in the history of Yodog Media has there been a more welcoming client than this family. From top to bottom, every step was an incredible experience for us and we’re beyond happy to have served this family as they celebrated their daughter’s huge accomplishment of graduating law school. Thanks again guys and keep an eye out for your video! …

Berkeley College Arthritis Walk

Shooting with Berkeley College is always a good time for us. This time around the perks of the job were bright and sunny skies and some yummy empenadas from the empanada guy! Until next time Berkeley!