Videography for Every Occasion

Yodog Media offers videography event coverage and editing for personal and corporate applications. We’ve been able to document international travels for NPO’s, edit conference footage for corporate clients, work with small business video productions and create memorable videos for personal events since Yodog’s inception. Feel free to take a look at some of our project categories below. There are plenty of other projects beyond these so if you’re interested in seeing more just let us know!

Yodog Original Videos

  • Corporate Video Editing For Virtusa POLARIS
  • A video shot and edited for a non-profit “Heed The Call”

  • Want to see the full scope of our corporate services? Download the corporate services PDF

  • One in a series: video produced for a music centered small business

  • A video produced for solo entrepreneur and business coach Elizabeth Nader
  • A video shot and edited for Vidya’s Sweet 16
  • A video edited for an MIT application

  • Want to see the full scope of our personal services? Download the personal services PDF

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